Tenet Re-Review

On re-watch, ‘Tenet’ has proven to become my second favourite Nolan film (mostly because I consider half of his films to be absolutely terrible, but that’s another story). It’s still a Nolan film so the film-making remains garbage-tier (horrendous audio and visual design), but this is the most pure film that Nolan has made in over 20 years.

Nolan distills his handheld stylings and disorienting editing style into a muted colour palette and attaches it to a story that is beyond emotional disconnection. Nolan’s horrendous characterization and abysmal story-telling have been major hindrances in the past, but this level of disconnection and distillation makes for something which feels more immediate and tangible. No longer are we forced to sit through intolerable character moments that feel completely empty yet are presented as meaningful or profound. We simply watch actions unfold and await the reactions.

Maybe one day, Nolan will make another film as good as ‘Following’. Although that day still has not come, ‘Tenet’ comes the closest.

6/10 – Decent

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